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InfoEd is Northwestern’s enterprise electronic research administration tool for proposal development and submission (Proposal Development module) and award administration and data collection (Proposal Tracking module).

Proposal Development

A proposal should always be setup in InfoEd even if the proposal does not end up being submitted. Sponsored Research uses this basic information to track upcoming proposals based on deadlines entered in the system and balance workload appropriately among staff. Scroll down to read Proposal Development FAQs.

Change Requests

All post-submission and post-award requests are executed in the InfoEd Change Request module. These includes budget modifications, personnel changes, and requests for new subcontracts and subcontract amendments.

Need Help?

Common Problems

I'm having a problem with proposal setup or routing.

Check out InfoEd Proposal Development Tips. Scroll down to read Proposal Development FAQs.

I have incorrect data in my proposal.

Do NOT create a new InfoEd record.  Contact the Business Systems Team for assistance.

I can't find a sponsor or subcontractor in InfoEd.

The sponsor or subcontractor may not be in the InfoEd database so you will have to request a new sponsor or subcontractor.  The SR Business Systems & Operations Team sets up new sponsors and subcontractors in InfoEd. If you request an entity that’s already in the system, the BSO will let you know.

I can't find an investigator.

Submit a Help request to the SR Business Systems & Operations Team or email the BSO at Include the investigator’s name, employee ID (from FASIS), and NetID.

I'm having a problem accessing InfoEd off-campus.

It’s likely a VPN issue. If you are off-campus, you must be on Northwestern’s VPN in order to access InfoEd.

Proposal Setup FAQs

How can I change the PI after I create an InfoEd Record?

On the Personnel page, add the new person by searching for them in the personnel list. You can do this with any role, as long as you select key. Once the individual is added, use the radio button to switch the PI designation to the new person. Then delete the former PI or update their role to the correct value.

How can I change the proposal type after I create an InfoEd Record?

Uncomplete the Setup Questions, then click on the hyperlink to change the sponsor. This will create a pop-up that also has an option to change proposal type.

How can I change the budget periods/dates after I create an InfoEd Record?

This is achieved by updating the number of periods or dates of periods in the budget. Once the budget is open, select the Setup Tab. Controls for dates and periods are located there. You will then need to complete the budget tab for the updates to reflect across the proposal (such as on the Proposal Routing Form or SF424).

How can I change the proposal title after I create an InfoEd Record?

If the proposal is system-to-system (s2s) and has an SF424 page, the title can be changed there. If not, it can be changed on the Proposal Routing Form. Add the Proposal Routing form to the Internal Documents tab. The title will change once the form is completed.

If you are working on a non-funded negotiation (CDA, MTA, DUA) change the title on the Generic Face Page tab.

What if my proposal deadline changes?

Uncomplete the Setup Questions tab and update the deadline field with the new information. Then complete the tab again. This will automatically update all of Sponsored Research’s tracking mechanisms for submission monitoring.

What do I do if my proposal won’t be submitted?

Contact Sponsored Research Business Systems & Operations Team with the pertinent information. SR will update your proposal record to indicate it is not moving forward. Email the BSO Team at

Submission Requirements by Sponsor and Proposal Type

InfoEd Proposal Development (PD) is required for the internal routing and approval of all sponsored research projects (grants and contracts).  Most grant proposals that used to be prepared using Adobe forms and submitted via must be prepared in, routed, and submitted using PD (no Adobe forms necessary). The chart below outlines proposal types by sponsor and the tools required for their preparation and submission.

All Federal sponsors not explicitly listed below
New / Competing Renewal
NSF New / Competing Renewal
NEH New / Competing Renewal PD PD
Complex Federal proposal types that cannot be submitted via New / Competing Renewal Paper PD
Non-federal proposals New / Competing Renewal Per sponsor guidelines PD
All sponsors Non-competing continuation (progress report) Per sponsor guidelines PD optional
(except NIH)