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Multiple Chartstring Requests

A chartstring is established to provide clear, direct and efficient means for allocating, charging, and reconciling funds on a sponsored research project. 

The default is a single chartstring for all awards unless dictated by the organizational architecture of the grant. 

Multiple chartstrings are established without formal request at award set-up when:

  1. The award is of considerable complexity and individual accounts must be established for cores, projects, pilot or developmental projects. 
  2. The sponsor’s terms and conditions mandate complete segregation of aspects of the work and funding to support that work. 
  3. Supplementary funding is received and such funds are restricted for a designated purpose and cannot be commingled with other funds. 

Multiple chartstring requests from the department at award set-up or subsequent to award set-up are subject to review and central office determination of necessity.

Requests should not be submitted and will not be approved when:

  1. The grant mechanism is not complex. 
  2. PI and/or co-investigators wish to have their own accounts.  
  3. The purpose is to track expenditures by using the financial system as a replacement for account management and reconciliation by department.