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Northwestern University PI Certification

I certify that the statements herein are true, complete, and accurate to the best of my knowledge and that all faculty named in this application have read it and have agreed to participate at the level of effort indicated. I certify that I am aware of, understand, and in compliance with Northwestern University’s policies and procedures regarding Conflict of Interest. I agree to accept responsibility for the scientific conduct of the project and for compliance with all applicable University, local, state, and federal policies that govern the responsible conduct of research. I understand that the Northwestern University Patent and Invention Policy is applicable to all faculty, staff and students of the University.

I understand that if this proposal is selected for funding, all individuals and entities supported under the award may be screened for debarment, suspension, ineligibility or voluntary exclusion from federally-funded activities as required by the sponsor or by federal rules and regulations (Executive Order 12549 and FAR 52.209-5) I certify that to the best of my knowledge, I am not debarred, suspended, declared ineligible or voluntarily excluded from federally-funded activities.  I also understand that Northwestern and/or the federal government may confirm this via the review of publicly-available federal restricted party lists.

If this proposal is being submitted to the National Institutes of Health, the principal investigator (PI), (and the Fellow if the proposal is a fellowship) hereby certify:

  1. that the information submitted within the application is true, complete and accurate to the best knowledge of the PI, Sponsor, or Fellow;
  2. that any false, fictitious, or fraudulent statements or claims may subject the PI, Sponsor, or Fellow to criminal, civil, or administrative penalties; and
  3. that the PI, Sponsor, or Fellow agrees to accept responsibility for the scientific conduct of the project and to provide the required progress reports if a grant is awarded as a result of the application.
  4. that all final peer-reviewed manuscripts arising from NIH funds will be submitted to PubMed Central upon acceptance for publication; and all NIH applications, proposals, and progress reports must include the PubMed Central reference number when citing a paper that falls under the policy and is authored or co-authored by the investigator, or arose from the investigator’s NIH award.
  5. that the Sponsor(s) will provide appropriate training, adequate facilities, and supervision if a fellowship is awarded as a result of the application; and
  6. that the Fellow has read the Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Payback Assurance and will abide by the Assurance if an award is made, and that award will not support residency training.