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Forms and FAQs

Subrecipient Commitment Forms


What prompts the Subcontracts team that an outyear has been activated through the amendment?

After an award that has outgoing subawards has been modified with a new period of funding, the subaward status will automatically update so that it appears on a list that Sponsored Research will monitor to create corresponding amendments for the department to complete and submit.

How will the FP/AWD/SUBK# correlate ot each other? How can you tell which award a SUBK agreement is attached to?

All of this information can be found on the related projects tab. There is a tab at the bottom that says Related Projects with a link.

How will the subaward get to the RA to process?

When the award setup is complete, Sponsored Research will start the agreement process. Whatever was in the proposal will trigger Sponsored Research to set up the corresponding subagreement records. As the award setups are finalized, a report will be run to ensure everything has been caught. If you need to change a setup later, Sponsored Research will take updates to the award via award modification requests.

When should I use the Outgoing Subaward Modification Award Modification (AMR) type?

The Outgoing Subaward Modification Award Modification Request (AMR) type should be used to request changes to existing outgoing subcontracts that will affect (only) an outgoing subaward (not the parent award.) This AMR type should not be used to request the issuance of new subcontracts or amendments related to parent award modifications.

On the Outgoing Subaward Agreement Info page, which amounts are supposed to go in which fields (for #4,5,6)?

  • #4 Cumulative Costs: This should be the cumulative amount authorized to the subrecipient once this amendment is executed.
  • #5 & 6 Project Period Direct Costs and Project Period Indirect Costs: This should be the anticipated amount overall for the subrecipient, regardless of what’s been authorized.