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Forms and FAQs

Subrecipient Commitment Forms


I completed all mandatory questions, but when I hit “submit” I received a pop-up error message saying that the form needed to be completed before it could be submitted. What do I do?

This error refers to finishing/finalizing the form rather than completing questions. Click the “hamburger menu” (icon with three lines) at the top of the screen and check the box next to “Lock form.” This will complete the form and allow you to submit.

How do I find a specific subaward?

Search by the subaward number in the Quick Find box just like you search for a proposal number (SP#). Subaward numbers will start with SUB or PROJ: SUB will be everything started new after the rollout of the subaward module; PROJ are older subawards that will be converted from change request records to subaward records Note: Subawards will NOT show up in “My Records” like CR records do.

What if I don’t know my subaward number?

If you don’t know your subaward number, you can open your SP record and find it on personnel or budget. 

How do I track the status of my subaward?

Once your subaward is in process in Sponsored Research, you’ll be able to see updates on the agreement page in the subaward record.  This data will also be on the GM055 report the same as other agreement data.

I know my subaward has been issued, but I can’t find it in the proposal (PD) record. Where is it?

Once the award is here, open the SP record in Proposal Tracking (PT) and navigate to the awards page.  You might have subawards which were added after your proposal was submitted, and so the data in the PD record might not be the most up to date. Then you can open your subaward record from the awards page or just note the record number for future use.  If your subaward is on a subproject, make sure you navigated to the subproject to see the right subaward data.