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In-Person Courses

Note: In-person classes have been temporarily suspended for Winter/Spring 2023 as we prepare for the launch of CERES in April 2023.

In-person courses are a complement to the SPOT courses. Courses are taught live by subject matter experts from central and departmental offices and feature hands-on activities and interactive case studies.

  • Who: Geared for research administrators and other staff involved in research administration, especially those who are new to the field.
  • When: Offered three times per year. The next series of classes will likely take place in Summer 2023.
  • Where: Conducted in a virtual classroom using Zoom Web Conferencing. Sessions are interactive and will require student participation; therefore students must have video and audio access through their computers.   

Registration Information

Successful completion of the corresponding SPOT course is a prerequisite to register and participate in each in-person course. (e.g., The Proposals Budgets 101 SPOT course must be completed before you may register for the Proposal Budgets 101 in-person/virtual course). However, in-person courses may be taken on an ad hoc basis – feel free to register for one, two, or all of them.

Upcoming Courses

Solicitations and Award Documents

Proposal Budgets Bootcamp