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Award Set-Up

Establishing Sponsored Project Chart Strings

Once a unilateral or fully executed award agreement has been received by Sponsored Research, it is matched with a proposal, logged into the award information management system, and through a series of business processes will be assigned a chart string in the University’s financial system. SR appropriates the award funding in accordance with the approved budget.  For awards with conventional Research Terms and Conditions (RTC), Sponsored Research will open a standard set of NUFinancials budgetary accounts.  Review information related to RTC and Agency Specific RTCs.

Project Account Summary (PAS)

The PI and department will be sent a copy of the Project Account Summary (PAS) once a chart string has been established. The PI and department are responsible for reviewing the information provided in the PAS and the award documentation. Sponsored Research should be notified if corrections are needed to the PAS. Expenditures must adhere to cost accounting principles, Northwestern policies, and sponsor terms and conditions. Questions about properly classifying expenditures should be directed to Accounting Services for Research and Sponsored Programs (ASRSP).