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Faculty Resources

Getting the Most out of your CERES Experience:

  • Communication with Your Research Administrators: Communicate frequently with Research Administrators in your department about system submissions.
  • ORCID iD Linking: If you have not yet done so, consider signing up for an ORCID iD and linking it to your Northwestern NetID. ORCID is a unique persistent identifier that can be used to easily associate your scholarly activity, including grants, to you as a unique individual to ensure you always receive credit for your work.
  • NSF's (HERD) Survey Codes: Learn the NSF’s Higher Education Research and Development (HERD) survey codes that correspond with your research. The required field on the Funding Proposal SmartForm for the HERD code collects data required when ASRSP submits the university’s annual research expenditure data for NSF’s HERD Survey.
  • CERES 101 course: We highly recommend that all PIs register for this on-demand one-hour course in myHRLearn. Additional options for building your CERES knowledge base are included below.

CERES Knowledge Building Resources for Researchers 


Key Features for Faculty

  • Increased transparency through updates: Like online shopping, the system will send status updates regarding your proposals, awards, and agreements.
  • Multiple transactions over the lifecycle of the project can be seen in one place.
  • From their landing dashboard, researchers can quickly find the information they need, identify critical and time-sensitive items requiring action or resume tasks already started.
  • Workflow visibility: faculty can view the automatically updated workflow status in the project workspace. For example, the workflow for a Funding Proposal currently under Sponsor Review will be visible when you click into the Funding Proposal:

CERES Workflow