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Capsules: Go-Live and New Resources

January 10th is the day: Sponsored Research capsules go live! Outlined below are answers to the most common FAQs and links to resources to help you navigate the transition to capsule-based constituencies. You can always visit our Capsules page as a starting point to access all capsule-related materials.

How do I find out which capsule my department is in, and who is in each role within the capsule?
Use the Find My Capsule tool. There’s also a job aid if you have questions about how to use the tool.

Who do I contact if I have a question about a proposal, change request, contract, etc.?
Use the Capsule Roles Across the Sponsored Research Lifecycle job aid to identify what business processes each member of the capsule executes across the sponsored research lifecycle. Keep in mind that capsules are not changing the business processes handled by each of SR’s Teams; capsules simply pair smaller sets of SR staff with the units they support.

My PI is planning to submit a new proposal. How do I let my capsule know that it’s coming?
Create a proposal record in InfoEd with an accurate (sponsor) due date. If you have questions about setting up a proposal record in InfoEd, check out our InfoEd page to access a Getting Started Guide and Proposal Development FAQs.

What about open items like change requests and contracts under negotiation? Will those transition to my new capsule contact?
Transition of open items will occur on a case-by-case basis, with longstanding items likely to remain with the original (pre-capsule) assignee.

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