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Reporting and Analytics: Research Datamart Redesign Project


The Northwestern research administration community currently relies on Cognos solutions for InfoEd reporting and analytics.  The Research Datamart Redesign project will provide new Cognos reports and self-service reporting for both CERES and legacy InfoEd data.

New Grants and Agreements reports and self-service reporting became available in Cognos when CERES went live on Monday, April 24th.

Cognos Reports

CERES reports are located in a new Grants and Agreements folder in Cognos.  Existing InfoEd Cognos users will see the new folder.

Screenshot of CERES reports location in Cognos

An updated report catalog and documentation are available.  Existing InfoEd Cognos users will receive additional communication on the new reports with links to the new catalog and information on how to use the reports.

After CERES Go-Live, existing InfoEd reports will continue to be available in the Cognos "Finance Facilities and Research Administration" folder.  However, these reports will reflect data entered in InfoEd up to April 20, 2023 and will not reflect the latest updates in CERES. 

The new Grants and Agreement reports will contain both new CERES data and legacy InfoEd data.  We recommend research administrators use the new reports instead of the InfoEd reports to analyze both historical InfoEd data and current data from CERES.

Self-Service Reporting

Existing InfoEd Self-Service users will have access to the new Grants and Agreements self-service package in Cognos. The new self-service package will also contain new CERES data and historical data from InfoEd to allow longitudinal reporting. Existing InfoEd Cognos self-service users will receive additional communication on how to access and use the new Grants and Agreements self-service package.

Cognos Reports Schedules

Existing InfoEd report schedules will not be converted into schedules for new Grants and Agreements reports. New Grants and Agreements reports can be manually scheduled in Cognos.

Existing InfoEd Cognos report schedules will continue to run after April 24th and will have static data reflecting information entered into InfoEd up to InfoEd becomes read-only (April 20th).  To ensure delivery of current data, we recommend updating schedules in Cognos to remove existing InfoEd report schedules and create new Grants and Agreements report schedules.  The new Grants and Agreements reports will contain both legacy InfoEd data and new CERES data, so there is no need to run the InfoEd reports after April 24th.