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Our Teams

SR organization / TEAMS SUMMARY     Organization Chart     TEAM ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

Renee Gonzales, Interim Assistant Vice President, Sponsored Research

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Proposals and Award Acceptance

The Proposals and Award Acceptance Team provides both pre- and post-award support to the Northwestern research community including, but not limited to, proposal review and submission, award negotiation and acceptance and post-award non-financial management. The team is comprised of Sponsored Research Officers, who also serve as official administrative points of contact at Northwestern University.

Andrea Zakrzewski, Senior Director, Proposals & Award Acceptance

[Open] Assistant Director, Proposals & Award Acceptance

Aaron Sklar, Assistant Sponsored Research Officer

Adrienne Simms, Sponsored Research Officer

Alyssa Morren, Associate Sponsored Research Officer

Carrie Holbo, Sponsored Research Officer

Jason Hawkins, Sponsored Research Officer

Daniel Johnson, Associate Sponsored Research Officer

Lindsay Haukebo, Associate Sponsored Research Officer

Mary Rosenthal, Sponsored Research Officer

Nadine Killick, Sponsored Research Officer

Pamela Hawkins, Senior Sponsored Research Officer

Stephanie Logaras, Sponsored Research Officer

Taylor Carl, Sponsored Research Officer

Trinity Adamsel, Assistant Sponsored Research Officer

Vanessa Santamaria, Assistant Sponsored Research Officer

Vianey Rodriguez, Assistant Sponsored Research Officer

Contracts & Negotiations

The Contract and Negotiations Team drafts, reviews, and negotiates agreements and contracts for sponsored research projects, and ensures that all contracts and agreements comply with Northwestern University policies and processes. The team consists of Contracts and Negotiation Managers, Contracts Officers, and Contracts Coordinators.

Clay Arnett, Senior Director, Contracts & Negotiations

Adrienne Lundquist, Associate Director, Contracts & Negotiations


Avril Xinyi Liu, Contracts & Negotiations Manager

Bria Daily, Contracts & Negotiations Manager

Debbie Thomas, Contracts Officer

Gary Adams, Contracts Officer

Jacob Roehm, Contracts Officer

Jeff Mollet, Associate Contracts Officer

Kayla Jennings, Associate Contracts Officer

Khala Turner, Contracts Officer

Marlene Isom, Contracts Officer

Maureen McCabe, Contracts & Negotiations Manager

Olivia Kappers, Associate Contracts Officer

Awards Management

The Awards Management Team provides pre- and post-award support, including establishing awards in Northwestern enterprise systems and processing post-award management reporting and requests. The Awards Management team consists of Awards Management Associates. 

Michael S. Ferguson, Director, Awards Management

Amelia Weiss, Awards Management Associate

Christian Zavala, Awards Management Associate

Jack Jeffries, Awards Management Associate

Joshua Katsimpalis, Awards Management Associate

Julius Alexander, Awards Management Associate

Nino Campos, Awards Management Associate

Trin Kitisoontornpong, Awards Management Associate

Subcontracts Management

The Subcontracts Management Team drafts, issues, negotiates, and executes outgoing subcontract agreements, conducts subrecipient risk assessments, and completes post execution activities such as federal FFATA reporting. The team consists of Sponsored Research Officers and a Subcontracts Coordinator.

Tyra Darville-Layne, Director, Subcontracts Management

Bonnie Cairns, Assistant Sponsored Research Officer

Danielle Giddens, Assistant Sponsored Research Officer

Jeri Gann, Assistant Sponsored Research Officer

Lora Zygman, Sponsored Research Officer

Natalie Corbin, Assistant Sponsored Research Officer

Tiffany Gregory, Sponsored Research Officer

Zara Khan, Compliance Specialist

Business Systems & Operations

The Business Systems and Operations Team supports Sponsored Research’s electronic research administration initiatives, ensures the highest quality sponsored projects data, communicates timely information to the research community, and facilitates efficient business process across the SR office. BSO consists of three groups: a systems and data group that provides functional support to CERES users, analyzes and reports research data, and ensures data integrity for proposal and award activity; a communications, administration and training group that manages the sponsored research website and listservs, provides support for office operations, and develops training resources; and a coordinator group that manages workflow for units within SR.

Kimberly Griffin, Senior Director, Business Systems & Operations

Systems and Data

Sara Krentz, Assistant Director, Systems and Data

Alexa Palmero, Data Assistant

James Godowic, Sponsored Research Senior Analyst

Luke Miller Grimm, Sponsored Research Senior Analyst 

Michael Scherer, Sponsored Research Senior Analyst

Communications, Administration, & Training

Melissa Mizwa, Assistant Director, Administration & Strategic Communications

Lia Floreno, Training Specialist

Karen Richardson, Administrative Assistant

Sponsored Research Coordinators

Monique Drones, Manager, Sponsored Research Coordination

Anthony Williams, Sponsored Research Coordinator

Art Miranda, Sponsored Research Coordinator

David Adduci, Sponsored Research Coordinator

Melinda More, Sponsored Research Coordinator