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Past Presentations

2023 Presentations

February 2023 CLEAR Meeting (February 14, 2023)
Key topics: CERES Awards, Training Overview, Cutover Plans, Datamart Update

Proposal Deadline Policy Q&A Session (March 16,  2023)
Description: SR leadership will address questions from the research community about the new five-day proposal deadline policy.

April 2023 CLEAR Meeting (April 11, 2023)
Key topics: CERES Go Live

June 2023 CLEAR Meeting (June 13, 2023)
Key topics: Foundation Relations, Buehler Center Evaluation Program, Award Modification Requests

October 2023 CLEAR Meeting (October 10, 2023)
Key topics: CERES Security: Decoded; CERES Cognos Reporting - including a demo of the Cognos Grants & Agreements self-service solution

December CLEAR Meeting (December 12, 2023)
Key topics: A (Re)introduction to the COI Office, CERES Tips & Tricks, SR Best Practices
View the recording of the December CLEAR Meeting

2022 Presentations

February 2022 CLEAR Meeting (February 8, 2022)
Key topics discussed: RICO updates, CTA Best Practices

April 2022 CLEAR Meeting (April 12, 2022)
Key topics discussed: Program Evaluation Core Resources, NSPM-33 Implementation

CERES Name Announcements & Benefits Presentation (June 7, 2022)
Announcing the winner of the "Name Our System" contest and a short overview of system benefits

June 2022 CLEAR Meeting (June 14, 2022)
Key topics discussed: IRB Reliance, Intro to INVO

Summer Series: NSF Demo  (June 24, 2022)
A comprehensive demo of features and functionality by Stephanie Yee, NSF

Summer Series: NSPM-33 Implementation Guidance (July 28, 2022)
Presented by Kate Booth (NUCOI) and Shandra White (Sponsored Research)

Summer Series: Data Management Sharing Plans (August 23, 2022)
Northwestern Libraries and Research Computing staff discuss data management sharing plans and how the NIH Data Management Sharing Policy will impact the Northwestern community.

August 2022 CLEAR Meeting (August 9, 2022)
Key topics discussed: Federal System Updates, CERES Basic Concepts & Demo

October 2022 CLEAR Meeting (October 11, 2022)
Key topics discussed: Change Request Best Practices, "For Comment" common disclosure forms, PAPPG Updates, CERES: Funding Proposal Overview

December 2022 CLEAR Meeting (December 12, 2022)
Key topics discussed: Federal policy changes (Data Management Sharing (DMS) plan budgeting, Title IX certification requirements), CERES: Agreements Module